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The secret of achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in the mind.

Henry David Thoreau
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  • Traci says:

    Your my screen saver Flavia. Your definatley mine and im sure alot of people’s Picture of successful outcome.


  • Susan says:

    Strength and healthy-living are beautiful and powerful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Natalie says:

    Hi Flavia
    Firstly just wanted to say what a beautiful body you have and thankyou for such a great workout. I’m on day 3 tomoro and I’m aching like crazy already..
    Can’t wait to see some results.
    You make the moves look really easy but I struggled a little today with the Ab workout and I thought my core was pretty strong. Hey ho it can only get better now!!
    I wanted to ask what you recommend for a daily allowance of carbs as I love rice cakes with almond butter for a snack…
    Also in the Ab workout DVD your gym pants are gorgeous. Can I ask where you got them??
    I love them.
    Thanks again Flavia.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Andria Sanchez says:

    Hi Flavia & Vince,

    My husband and I have been following you both for a few years now. We appreciate your willingness to teach us what you have learned. We have learned a TON from you all and anticipate learning more!

    I did however have a question regarding injuries that keep you out of the gym or limited in the gym for anywhere from a week to several weeks. I wondered, if YOU had an injury, how would YOU attempt to maintain the muscle you have worked so hard for, as well as avoid fat gain?

    Andria Sanchez

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Andria and great question. I would make sure every meal still had protein and I would keep my other non-injured muscles activated with resistance training. The only way to stimulate the muscles to “keep” muscle tissue is through resistance training and if I needed to take time off then there isn’t anything I could do for that particular muscle. Here is where previous training plays a huge role because your muscle cells have memory and it won’t take long to get back to normal after you have healed.

  • Chris says:

    What kinda excerise can you do while your pregnant

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