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workout video for women

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  • MEMORY says:

    Hey Flavia,

    i brought your curvalicious package, it looks awesome…the only question i have is
    does these workouts work for mother’s too…im a mum to a beautiful three year old boy…
    like all mother’s i have just a little flabby tummy….i can c muscles but still have the flab there…just a little bit lol..

  • Eva says:

    Hello Flavia,

    Your fitness program looks awesome. My one concern is that some of the clips that I say in the video took place at the gym with equipment that I dont have. I workout out from home. I have plenty of free weights, barbell, medicine ball and exercise ball but no gym membership. How would this program workout out for a girl like me?

  • Brittney says:

    Please be patient with me, I’m a little confused still. Ok so I have been able to carve out 30 minutes a day 2 days a week and 1 hr 3 days a week. I read it somewhere but now I can’t find it. How long before your workout are you supposed to eat? On days with both cardio and resistance training do you do the resistance training and immediately follow it with the cardio? I’m 33 and when I’m really working out and getting my heavy breathing my heart rate is all the way up to 172, my lowest range after my warmup is 154. From what I saw about the 80% 60% I’m way above where I need to be. I would have to barely move to keep my heart rate lower. Also I’m a huge fan and promotor of the Body by Vi protein shakes. The breakdown when combined with unsweetened almond milk is 13g protein, 8g carbs (6 dietary fiber), 3.5g fat. Can’t I just drink this after a workout? And lastly I have been Attempting the pike with the stability ball and have fallen off so many times I’m scared to try again. Should I just start with a stool or chair?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Brittney – If you are referring to HIIT, it depends what week you are looking at. The guide gives you different times and amount of days as you go on. Before your workout you want to eat anywhere between 1-2 hours. Most people find that the 2 hour mark seems to work best but it is a personal preference. What is more important is post-workout. You want to eat as soon after your workout as possible (no longer than 2 hours for best results).

      For your heartrate – I would just concentrate on working up a sweat. If you feel like you have worked hard, that is proof enough. Don’t change a thing!

      Not familar with that brand but no fat would be best post-workout but that does seems to be a little so you are fine to have that! You may want to get more protein though. You could add in egg whites or whey protein.

      YES! for sure use the stool until you are comfortable with it and soon you will be able to challenge yourself off the SB 🙂

  • charmayne says:


    Thinking about purchasing the curvalicious pk but I would not go to a gym. Is there substitute exercises for gym equipment. I noticed you did not reply to Evas question. Was this an oversight or does the curvalicious program warrant gym equipment.


    • Flavia says:

      Hey Charmayne. There is a complete home version that comes with the gym version. All you need is a stability ball, resistance rope (preferably with handles) and a set of dumbbells (5-15 pounds).

      Hope that helps and that we can help you with your fitness goals!

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