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More Detox Methods For A Healthier Life

By October 10, 2011October 16th, 20138 Comments
how to naturally detox your body

how to naturally detox your body

This heavy metal is near impossible to avoid since lead is found in exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, and air pollutants. Houses used lead paint before 1978 and is therefore very important to avoid creating lead dust when renovating.

Contact with batteries, rubber, glass and lead piping can cause lead exposure. Perhaps the most commonly heard exposure to lead is through drinking water. Lead can also be found in foods through leaky ceramic pottery.

Toxicity can cause infertility, hypertension, constipation and hyperactivity.

Signs and Symptoms of Toxicity:

– infertility                                     – chronic fatigue

– impotence                                   – diarrhea

– metallic taste in mouth            – loss of appetite

– confusion                                    – muscle weakness

– anemia                                         – blue gums

– constipation                               – kidney, heart, liver, or nervous system

– seizures                                        – tremors – anxiety

– irritability   damage/failure


Health Recommendations:

  • Adequate calcium intake (calcium and lead are absorbed at the same site in the intestines. Calcium is the preferred mineral and will be taken before lead, causing lead to pass through to be excreted).
  • Eat foods high in vitamin c with bioflavonoids (apples) which helps neutralize effects of lead and will reduce the amount present in the digestive tract.


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